My Whirlwind Vacation

I just got home from vacation and it was awesome. My vacation started with me visiting a friend in the bay area and ended with the hubs and I going to Disneyland. The trips were back to back, so I packed for them at the same time to make my life easier. Like always, I packed a diabetes travel pack, but this time I added a vial of Lantus and an extra meter. Both of these should have been in my travel pack all along, but never quite made it in there.

My vacation started last Friday when a couple of us went to visit a friend in the bay area. The trip was quick, but quite eventful. We went shopping in the city and planned to head over to the wharf after for some dinner and ice cream, BUT when we got back to the car it was gone. Don’t panic it wasn’t stolen, all three of us missed the sign that read “tow away area from 4-6PM” not one of our finest moments, but we got our acts together and ran to city tow as quickly as possible. After learning a very expensive lesson we got our car and headed back to our friends apartment to salvage the evening. The next day we woke up decided to grab some breakfast and said our goodbyes. It was a quick trip, but a lot of fun.

When I got home the hubs was on the couch sicker than sick with bronchitis. My first thought was my poor hubs, the second thought was to get him better before our trip, and then the third thought was to try and not get his bug. While he was resting I got everything we needed to take care of before our trip done. We woke up early the next morning on were on the road to Disneyland. I almost went on California Screamin, but chickened out last minute. The Holiday Haunted Mansion blew my mind, the hubs and I enjoyed Mickey’s Halloween Party the last night we were there, and did I mention free day of the dead face painting! We had a great trip; I only had one high blood sugar and one bad low blood sugar. I didn’t need to use my diabetes travel kit. It was a great way to celebrate the hubs birthday and our anniversary, it's crazy that it's been three years! 



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