Happy World Diabetes Day!

It’s World Diabetes Day! And for those of you like me who had no idea what that meant exactly I am going to tell you. World Diabetes Day was created by the International Diabetes Federation and it’s purpose is basically telling the world about diabetes and bringing more attention to it and the health threats it poses. Why November 14th you ask, because it marks the birthday of Fredrick Banting the man who discovered insulin. And trust me without insulin I would not be here.

Each year World Diabetes Day is centered around a certain theme, this years theme is Diabetes: Protect our Future. The focus will be on education and prevention. They will be talking about preventing complications, learning the signs of diabetes, and help raise awareness and how to take control of the disease. This is really important, I cannot tell you how often I hear a healthcare professional who can’t tell you much about Type 1 and I think this is something that needs to be changed. We need to be educated about all things diabetes, because there are several types of it as well as treatment plans.

So today of all days, talk to someone with diabetes get their input about living with the disease, how they manage it, and let them clarify any questions you have about it. We are lacking knowledge of a disease that is affecting 371 million people worldwide and that’s just not ok. Talk about it won Facebook or Twitter by using the hashtag #WDD. Let’s raise awareness people! And have a happy World Diabetes Day!


  1. I heard about that we also celebrated world diabetes day in our office.
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