Managing Diabetes When Life Gets Crazy

Life can get a little crazy from time to time. This last month I was all over the place, and so were my blood sugars (BS). I feel like after having diabetes for nearly 9 years I would be better at managing my diabetes when life gets busy, but sadly I’m not. I kind of just pretend it’s not there and hope for the best. This is definitely not the way to go. Not only do I feel like, but also I look like crap. My skin dries out, I’m exhausted, and my color is a little off. It’s just not worth it, so while life is giving me a small breather I am preparing myself for the next time.

Plan ahead

This is so basic that we sometimes forget about it. Make a plan for busy weeks/months/semesters. We all know that diabetes loves routine and consistency and that sometimes we are just not able to do that. But planning out a meal schedule will help you manage your carb intake and help keep your blood sugars in line.

Check your blood sugars constantly

I cannot stress this enough. Without checking your blood sugar levels you won’t know if your management plan is even working. I often forget that I need to check my blood sugars, so I have set reminders on my phone to help me remember to check. This is helpful during busy times because we can often lose track of time, but when an obnoxious alarm is going off it’s kind of hard to forget.

Pack some snacks

I am the absolute worst at this. When life gets busy pack a low carb high protein snack that will avoid large spikes in blood sugar and help manage hunger. When life gets busy I am one of the grab and eat people. I will stop at the first drive thru I see and order the worst thing possible. This is bad because usually it will break from my normal eating routine, and fast food is often high carb high fat, which is the worst for blood sugar control. Pack some snacks or small meals to help you avoid riding the blood sugar wave. 

Get some sleep

Lack of sleep tends to make you more insulin resistant, which can cause more chaotic numbers throughout the day. Check out what Adam Brown found while testing what sleep does to blood sugar levels.  

As obnoxious as diabetes management can be it’s important. It helps us to avoid feeling like crap and having diabetes complication down the road. So the next time life begins to pick up the pace be sure to remember these four things to get you through it.


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