The Best of April

April is coming to an end. A lot happened this month, my sister had a baby who is the most precious thing in the world, Easter is always an adventure, and my hubs and I finally got new couches! It's been a busy month on my end leaving my blog to suffer quietly, but lets hope May will bring some inspiration. Here are a few of the most viewed posts from the month of April.

The "HI" Message: I am so completely in love with my new niece that I ignored an extreme high blood sugar. I haven't had a number in a long time that refused to show on my glucometer screen, but this month I did.

Diabetes Culture: I was listening to a Ted Talk the other day talking about subcultures and cultures. It really got me to thinking about how since I have become diabetic I have become a part of a new culture.

Just For Fun: Sometimes we just find this little gems that make us laugh hysterically. This gem made me smile...a lot!


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