Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My New Life

Wake up
Finger stick, 77
Bolus for breakfast
Feed the cat
Crawl back into bed

Do my makeup
Do my hair
Get dressed
Listen for the reminder
Finger stick, 144

Drive to work
Finger stick, 160
Have a snack
Listen for the reminder
Finger stick, 185

Time for lunch
Don’t forget to bolus and check
Crap, someone brought cupcakes
Easy bolus and hope for the best

Two hours later
My reminder beeps
Finger stick
Check, 280!

Correction bolus
Drink water and wait
I want a snack
Those stupid cupcakes
Drink more water and wait

Drive home
Plan dinner
Finger stick, 170
I’ll take it
Bolus for dinner
Make dinner, eat dinner
Listen for the reminder
Finger stick, 156

Enjoy my evening
Get ready for bed
Put on my pajamas
Finger stick, 145
Crawl into bed
Sleep and repeat the next day

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