The Best of May

May was a great month. I got to participate in my first Diabetes Blog Week (which I loved), got my Dexcom (which is saving my life), and getting to go to Disneyland with the hubs and our bests was pretty amazing as well. Here are the top posts for the month I be sure to check them out!

My New Life: Day 2 of Diabetes Blog Week was to write a poem about Diabetes. I'm not much of a poet, but here is my poem. 

Cleanse This: This post has been my top post since I wrote it almost two years ago! I did a cleanse to begin the paleo diet and I was able to do it with my diabetes. Here is my story.

Change the World: Another blurb from the diabetes blog week. Our topic was to write about something we were passionate about in the diabetes world.

The Emotional Side of Diabetes: Living with diabetes is no easy feat as I am sure some of you know. Here is the one thing about living with diabetes that is keeping me down.

The Progression of Pumps: Ever wondered what people used to do before the technology boom? Check out the progression of insulin pumps.


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