Explaining Diabetes to a Baby

Last week we through of my best friends a surprise party for her birthday. The thing I loved the most about it was it felt a lot like a 90's sitcom where all of her friends pretended that we forgot her birthday or were too busy to celebrate her only to surprise her at the end of the episode with an epic party! We love her and were so happy to pull everything off. 

We all arrived early to get to the house before Cam did and to help set everything up. Our other bestie   had her little ones hanging around with us as we all got ready. One of her youngest, who just turned two, walked up to me while we were setting up and began to lift my shirt up. Shelby let me know that he wanted to see my belly button. I laughed a little and lifted my shirt to show him my belly button. Of course there is something on my stomach that most two year old have yet to experience, my pump site and tubing. 

Wes looked at my belly button, and then to my tubing, and then to me. You could see all the thoughts and questions running through his mind. I smiled at Wes and started to think of ways to explain your pump site to a two year old. This was very difficult. In most cases of explaining why I look like a robot to children, I just say something along the lines of thats my medicine. But would a two year old get that? Instead of trying to explain it to him, I chose to ask him where his belly button was. With a very proud smile he lifted his shirt to show me.

These are small things I feel you have to think of when you live with diabetes. How do you explain what your devices are to children who may not be able to understand the complex world of diabetes? I like my normal it gives me medicine line, but really that doesn't work for all children. Sometimes I get the "why?" response and other times they accept it and walk away. But really how do you explain to children what your devices are? 


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