Fussy Baby Vs. Painful Sensor

My mom, sister, and I were going on a shopping trip to begin celebrating my birthday week. Whenever I travel, I tend to grab my CGM to make my life a lot easier. When I was inserting it I decided to try a different spot on my stomach to...I don't know be a little adventurous, I am not entirely sure. After I inserted it, my sister dropped my niece off for me to watch, while she went to work. Daphne was still asleep when she got here, so I finished getting ready for the day and finished packing for our trip. The more I was moving around getting all my stuff together the more I started to notice how tender the new placement of my sensor was.

When Daphne wakes up from her naps you can't help yourself, you just have to pick her up because she snuggles up a storm and it's the best thing ever! As she started to wake up more she began to move around more. We did as we always do, we listened to music, danced, and played airplane. The more we played the more tender the spot on my stomach got. I decided to set her down and do some tummy time with her to give my CGM a breather from being rubbed by this wiggly little monster. Then the inevitable happened, no she didn't rip my sensor out, but she didn't want to be put down, she wanted to be held and like a fool I caved and agreed to hold her a little longer.

While we danced she kicked, when she kicked she rubbed and scraped my sensor. The more uncomfortable it got, the more I tried to find ways to set her down. I laid down next to her and tried to play with her, but she wasn't about that. I check if she was wet or hungry, she wasn't, she just wanted me to hold her and knew that I was enough of a sucker to give in. The kicking, scraping, and rubbing continued and I endured for nothing more than to keep my niece happy.

Parents with diabetes, what do you do in these sort of instances? Do you give up on your sensor and find a new placement? Do you just endure it because these wonderful creatures rule your worlds? One day I will have my own and am very curious to know some tips and tricks for days like these when it's a battle of the painful sensor verses a fussy baby.


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