Happy Halloween! (from the archives)

Happy Halloween! Here are some helpful tips I found online for diabetics to have a happy and healthy Halloween.

Here are some carb counts for some Halloween favorites. http://forecast.diabetes.org/candy-counts

Talk to your kids about how many pieces they can have each day as long as their blood sugars aren’t high.

Be prepared for high and low blood sugars while out trick or treating. Treat lows with some of your child’s candy as long as there is not a lot of fat in it.

When you are done trick or treating let your child have the amount of candy agreed upon (unless they have already hit their limit) and put the rest away for your child’s lunch box.

Discuss with your child about waiting until they get home to eat their candy (make a game of it to see who brings home the most candy so they won’t want to eat any until the end of the night)

Halloween would be a great night to use a continuous glucose monitor to keep track of blood sugars.

Just remember to have fun! Don’t overdue anything and let your child be apart of the process with you.


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