My Missed Doctors Visit

The other day was my quarterly check up with my Endocrinologist or as I like to say my diabetes doctor, it's much easier. I never dread these appointments, I like my doctors office and my physician and take pride in the fact that I am a good patient. But the other day I lost my good patient reputation because I was 20 minutes late for appointment due to writing the time down incorrectly on my calendar. 

I was so bummed that I did that. I had so many questions I wanted to talk to my doctor about. Luckily, because I am an outstanding patient (yes, I just upgraded myself) they didn't charge me for my missed appointment, can I getta AMEN! 

Like I said I had a lot of questions. Since I have been doing my new diet plan my numbers have been really good, not perfect, but really good. However, there have been a couple of things that have been happening that I wanted to talk to my doctor about. For starters, I have to pee what feels like a million times a day and for those of you who have diabetes you know that that is typically not a good sign. But my numbers are great and the bad ones are no where near ketoacidosis levels. It's mainly annoying, but now is starting to be a little concerning and I won't be back to see my doctor until November 18th....kill me now. 

I'm partially guessing that insistent need to pee could also be coming from my large consumption of water. Lately, I feel like I could drink the ocean and still be thirsty. And yes, to any of you diabetics reading this, you know that is not a good sign either. This is why I wanted to get into my doctor,  these are two HUGE signs of uncontrolled diabetes, but if you scroll through my glucometer you will see that my numbers have been good and there really is no reason for this.

I will definitely keep you all updated on this once I do finally get into my doctors office to get some clarity.  If any of you have suggestions please leave me a comment I would love some advice if you have any. The good thing is that I am not dropping serious weight like I was before I was diagnosed, and I am not as hungry as I was when I was diagnosed, so I don't think it can be anything too terrible. But at the same time I am a firm believer of never letting anything go unchecked. Fingers crossed lets hope I make it to the next appointment. 


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