My New Diabetes Diet

I hate dieting, cleansing, and anything else depleting me from the things I'd like to eat. But after looking through my vacation pictures I realized it's time to do something. Of course the first thing I did was look online for answers because the sacred Google seems to know everything, but after researching the newer dieting trends and miracle pills, I decided to heck with dieting because we all know I will binge later and hate myself. So why not just eat better?

The first thing I did was sit down and make a goal. Now the thing about my goal is it had to be doable, because for me, if I fail I will give up altogether which is something I don't want to chance. My goal is to just lose 5lbs at the end of each month. I know, pretty basic right? But for me this was a number I could handle. It has taken me time to put on my weight I can handle taking just as long to get it off. I mean, really, when you think about it summer is 7 months away and if I stick to this goal and am successful thats 35lbs gone by swim suit season! 

Then I made an action plan. The only diety thing I am doing it watching everything I eat. Making sure that I eat more vegetables, and that I watch the sweets. For breakfast I am currently enjoying a spinach and kale smoothie (You can check out my recipe below). For a mid morning snack I'm having a small handful of almonds or if I feel like I need a little something more I am having about 4-5 pretzels with my homemade hummus. For lunches I am on a huge soup kick. I have been eating minestrone, chicken tortilla, and when I want to splurge a little, I have been eating Panera's Fall Autumn Squash. I could literally eat a vat of it I love it so much! In the afternoon I have another small snack it's usually hummus or nuts depending where I am at hunger wise and for Dinner I make a basic meal that coincides with the plate method or that I steal out of my Diabetic Living magazine. 

Then of course I made a goal to work out at the end of each day. Some days I go for a run right now I can manage about 3 miles, but I am hoping to build that up. On days that I am not running, I do a 30 minute workout at home. You will not believe the amount of workouts there are on YouTube, what did we do before the internet? I'm being sarcastic...don't worry. I usually have a day or two where I skip my workout, but on those days I still try to keep active and avoid sitting on my couch. I'm pretty sure that it has some sort of magical powers because as soon as I sit I turn into a sloth. 

So far, I am hitting my goal for this month and I think that my success has come from the fact that I am not denying myself the things I want to eat. If there is something I know I shouldn't eat or that is high in fat or calories I take a small piece of it and walk away. Or if I know that I am going to get a good workout in the evening, I may splurge a little more. But for the most part, my self control has been awesome. Lets hope this works and that I can honestly show and tell you guys my success in May. 

Spinach and Kale Smoothie


Almond milk
1/2 of a banana
a handful of Kale
a handful of spinach
1/4 cup frozen fruit (I prefer the tropical mixes)
1 Tbsp of flax or chia seeds
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

Take all the ingredients and throw them into your blender and mix until your desired textured has been reached. 

The carbs I have been entering on my pump for this has been around 20-25. For me this has been successful, however, you may have to tweak your numbers for the first few to see how your body does with this as a breakfast option.


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