My Perfect Week

In an episode of How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson does an interview where he is talking about having a perfect week. Of course in Barney context, its gross and nothing to really brag about. But for me my perfect week is. 

I recently, started to watch what I was eating in hopes of losing some weight by swimsuit season. With my new diet, I have created a daily food routine that so far has proven successful. Fingers crossed that I can keep it up. Little did I know that another benefit would pop up in the midst of my new diet. That's right, my numbers decided to get in line. Now, don't get me wrong my A1C has been pretty good these last few months, however, my weekly numbers tend to looks like the Rocky Mountains when graphed. 1

It all started on the first day of my diet. I checked my blood sugar as I usually do when I get up and per usual I was in the 90's range. Then after breakfast before my midmorning snack it was time to check again and behold 113. Again, this is all routine, my morning numbers are usually in the happy face range of the blood sugar chart. Very rarely is there a morning spike. The real trick is to master my after lunch numbers those are the ones where I tend to have trouble. 

I checked my numbers again before lunch and again I had a great number! I bolused for my lunch and prayed for more good numbers. Two hours after lunch my pump alarm rang and with a little hesitance I checked my numbers. To my surprise they were right where they needed to be! I stopped and rejoiced for this was indeed a rare thing. I couldn't believe it my first 4 checks of the day were immaculate, all I could do was hope they continued. 

Dinner was approaching and again I was nervous. I drew a drop of blood and again my numbers were perfect! I have to stop watching this show...the Sexless Inn Keeper episode is on in the background while I write this which is why I think I'm beginning to rhyme. But enough of that. The evening continued and my numbers stayed perfect I couldn't believe it I had 6 perfect numbers! 

This was just one day of the week and I couldn't help but fear that this would be a one time thing. There is always at least one number where I don't want it to be. Then the week continued, and the perfect numbers kept coming. I checked my meter because I thought for sure it must have been broken. But thankfully I learned it wasn't, I had just achieved the unthinkable thing in my diabetes world...a Perfect Week! Now, to just show my doctor. 


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