Help! I'm Addicted to Diet Soda!

For those of you who know me, I have a diet soda at least once a day... are you judging me yet, because I have been judging myself since the beginning of this year. It's my little pick me up at work, more often than not, I will grab one on my lunch to make my wildest dreams come true. On the other hand in this last year I have noticed something about my sweet addiction, I feel it has contributed to my fluffier shape and..wait for higher than average blood sugars. No, I am not a doctor, and no, I do not have any proof of anything of these things, they are just thoughts.

I mentioned I have a diet soda at least once a day, the sad thing to that statement is that it used to be much, much worse. Whatever happened to water? Why is it that my soul always goes for that sweet miracle elixir? I don't know, but because I started to feel guilty about being a diet soda addict, and began feeling it was causing some side affects I lowered my intake of the sweet beverage and replaced it with water. So far, so good, but I still need to kick my diet soda habit.

Then, I was on Bloglovin and The Sweet Life posted an article called How to Wean Yourself off Diet Soda. It immediately caught my attention, this is something I need I thought to myself. I clicked the link and behold, even better, it talked about how artificial sweeteners cause glucose intolerance which basically is a fancy way of saying something that causes higher than normal blood sugar levels.'s time I need to kick this habit.

For those of you out there who are like me and cry when they read this. I feel for you, but alas, we knew all along that these things were not good for us to overindulge on a daily basis. The Sweet Life article, actually had to helpful tips that I suggest you go and check out. Fingers crossed that by the new year we can all kick this habit.


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