November Goals

Last month I started my new diabetes diet, which really is me watching what I am eating while still taking care of my diabetes. But really the two go hand in hand. With my new diet plan I set a goal to lose 5lbs by the end of the month which I succeeded at and am very happy about. I also had a great blood sugar month. My numbers were a little more even keeled, and I only had one huge number in the 400's for the entire month. I am not sure about the rest of you, but that is huge for me considering I am a terrible diabetic on the weekends. With my success in October I decided to continue to make goals for each month both diabetes and non-diabetes related. Here is the list for the month of November. 

Diabetes Goals
  • Get some basal tests in
  • Try to have my highest number of the month be in the 300's 
  • Check my blood sugar more often
Non-Diabetes Goals
  • Lose another 5lbs
  • Keep doing daily workouts
  • Continue building my blog
  • Don't overdue it during Thanksgiving dinner
I look forward to letting you all know if I accomplished my goals or not in December, especially my diabetes goals. Ugh! I am the worst at doing my basal testing, but they are important and need to be done. Wish me luck!


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