With a Side of Insulin

I came across a blog called With a Side of Insulin through bloglovin. I was looking for diabetic blogs when I came across this one. Meredith Pack has a blog all about living with diabetes. She shares stories about the day to day life of a diabetic and currently is sharing her story of pregnancy as a T1D.  Pregnancy is most likely the next phase of my life, and like anything in my life the first thing I typically do is research. No joke, I research everything from Tsunami's (it's a rational fear) to Disneyland, it's my thing, no judgement please.

I came across With a Side of Insulin after she posted about being 25 weeks pregnant. I decided to check out what she had to say about being pregnant and living with T1D and was excited at all the information I found. She not only shows general pregnancy info week to week, but she also shows the diabetes side of it as well. Each week she has a quick snip it of what her blood sugars look like. I couldn't ask for anything more. The researcher in me was very happy. If you have diabetes and are thinking about babies, or what pregnancy may look like for you I suggest her blog it's informational, but not overwhelming. Keep up the good work Meredith!


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