Happy New Year!

Happy New year everyone! I cannot believe we are are already in a new year. But I can honestly tell you I have high hopes for 2015 and am thoroughly looking forward to it. Every New Year the hubs and I sit down and make a list of our New Year resolutions, as well as, try to come up with a hashtag for the year. This years hashtag is #getfit15. It's one my friends and I have been throwing around this last month and we like it and think it's going to stick. The resolution we chose for the both of us is we are going to try to be more positive. 2014 was rough and started to really bring out our pessimist side and it wasn't the best. So this year together we are going to try to stay more on the positive side.

My goals or resolutions for this year is to get my numbers ready for baby. Family, please don't get too excited, I just would rather us be ready, so that when we do get to this point we are not waiting for me to get my stuff together. I want to be healthy and ready.

I am also going to work really hard on getting this blog going. I haven't put as much time and effort in it because it was more for me in the beginning. But the more involved I am getting in the Diabetes Online Community, the more I'm realizing I want to be a voice for people. I want to help encourage people who are on the verge of just giving up that they can do this. I am going to put myself out there more, sign up for more speaking engagements and see what happens.

I really am looking forward to this year. And I wish you all an amazing one too!


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