When You Learn You have Something In Common With Squirrels

I was packing for a weekend getaway, and when I got to the diabetes section of my packing I realized something... I have tons of either half used or three quarters used insulin bottles tucked in so many random places. I literally am like a squirrel storing nuts for winter.

I found a bottle tucked in my make up bag, my diabetes supply bag (I guess that one belongs there), in my night stand, a bathroom drawer, my travel purse (yes, I have a travel purse), and in my spare glucameter case. Apparently, I have been preparing myself for the apocalypse. I grabbed all 6 bottles and ran to living room to show my hubs who of course laughed at me because who else runs around their house excited by all the left over insulin they have found. I mean sometimes you have to do weird things to keep your marriage interesting. Lucky for me, I am a huge weirdo who makes life a little more exciting at home.

I am sure that most of those bottles are no longer as effective as they once were, but the frugal side of me kind of wanted to keep them, you know for a rainy day. To me having less effective insulin over no insulin is always a win. Either way, the thought of throwing them out just felt wrong to me. So, now all 6 bottles are still tucked away in their hiding places for me to use on a rainy day. Think of it this way, I forgot about them once and I am sure I will forget about them again. And when I find them   again, while packing for a trip I am sure I will have the same reaction.


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