Real Life Diabetes Podcast

I came across a new diabetes podcast thanks to Scott from Scott's Diabetes. He wrote a nice review on a new podcast Real Life Diabetes from the Diabetes Daily Grind. After reading his blurb about them, I had to listen for myself.

Real Life Diabetes is a podcast about life with diabetes. Ryan, Amber, and John come together to share their stories, opinions, and give their support to the diabetes world. Ryan and Amber are in the first episode together and are nothing more than hilarious and worth listening to. Ryan shares a quick story about taking a risk with only carrying a small amount of insulin while on a trip, while Amber does what any good diabetic does to another, calls him out (in a loving, teasing way) about being a poor planner. The best part of the story, is seeing two diabetics really listen to one another and understand whatever situation the other one was in. There was just something about hearing their stories and hearing the support for one another that made you want more.

All I am going to say is you need to subscribe to this podcast. Right now there are only two episodes, each one is a little long in length, but totally worth it. It is relatable and engaging and I wanted more after each episode. Ryan, Amber, and John, you guys are awesome keep it up, because the diabetes world needs more people like you!


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