Graeter's Low Glycemic Ice Cream

If you are looking for diabetic friendly ice cream you need to check out Graeter's ice cream. With diabetes being on the rise, Richard Graeter, the 4th generation owner along with the help from medical professionals created low-glycemic ice cream without artificial sweeteners.  Instead, they use monk fruit. Monk fruit is a zero calorie fruit that is sweeter than sugar. The thing that makes this fruit such a key ingredient is that it slowly releases sugar into your blood stream, which is great for diabetics because it helps to avoid the sugar spikes in our blood stream.

I was so excited when my box of ice cream arrived. The flavor that caught my eye the most was the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (MBVB), it's a mouthful to say, but definitely was the most tempting. Before I dug in,  I checked my numbers, then checked the carbs on the back, and entered all the information into my insulin pump. I tried the MBVB first and was pleasantly surprised. The ice cream was so rich in flavor I could only have 1 or 2 bites, which is perfect considering I was trying to stick to the serving size. I finished my portion and began the waiting game to see what it would do to my blood sugars. 

The typical rule of thumb is to check 2 hours after eating, but I wanted to see where the rise would begin. I checked after 1 hour and my numbers were beginning to rise, but not too fast. I waited another hour and checked my numbers and they stayed steady. No large spikes and drops just a steady line, which is something I am always happy to see. 

The hubs and I loved this ice cream and absolutely hate that it's so far away. But they mailed it quickly, and it came in perfect condition. If your diabetic and looking for a low sugar ice cream, be sure to check out Grater's. 


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