Pumpstash Kickstarter

Corinne Logan is a diabetic with a mission. She is working on creating spandex shorts for diabetics (females in particular) that will have pockets for your insulin pumps, CGMs, and anything else you might need to manage your diabetes.

I have seen a number of blog posts from other diabetic women, talking about the unique ways they hide their insulin pumps in their clothing. Six Until Me recently wrote a post about going to the Cannes Film festival and switching to needs for the night because she didn't want to worry about finding a dress she could hide her pump in. Other bloggers have talked about finding their perfect wedding dress and adding pockets for their insulin pumps. It's a problem, and definitely needs a solution.

Please help Corinne with her Kickstarter to get her product moving. She has raised $3000 and is so close to hitting her $5000 goal. She also is donating 10% of her proceeds to JDRF. The Kickstarter will end in just 22 days! Let's help her get to her goal and help make a product that will make wearing a skirt or dress a lot easier.


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