Date Night

I love a fancy date night when you get dressed up and put on your lipstick, but I also LOVE a simple date night at Whole Foods. Fresno has finally hit it's hot season, and I didn't want to cook dinner and make it any hotter than it already was. So off we went to Whole Foods. I love it there. The minute you walk in you are instantly consumed with awesomeness, kind of like Disneyland. The food seems richer in color, everything smells amazing, the fresh dough, the baked goods, even the roasting chicken makes my mouth water. I could spend hours in there just enjoying the atmosphere.

But the main reason I love Whole Foods is that it's oddly a cheap date. You can get a slice of pizza for $2.50! I am honestly the cheap date out of the two of us, the hubs like his veggie tofu sandwich that is a little higher in cost, but hey, he loves it. We grabbed our dinner and few extra items for later and headed home to enjoy the rest of our evening. It's the simple things like Whole Foods date nights that make me really happy.


  1. So true! Completely agree. I love Whole Foods, despite those who think it's too expensive. The place has bargains if you look around. I like to consider every purchase - even pounds of almond butter - to be an investment in my health!


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