Dear Dexcom and Fit Bit

This last week I tried out my husbands Fit Bit to see how I would like it, and the verdict is...I LOVE it!! I haven't felt this way about a product since I did my trial run with the Dexcom CGM, which later lead to me buying one for myself. I've been monitoring my steps, mileage, and calories all week even joined in a workweek challenge with some colleagues. It's helped me to stay active and work great with the My Fitness app.

While I was checking my blood sugars I started thinking, how nice would it be, if my Fit Bit also showed me my blood sugar numbers. The convenience the two would bring if they came together had me jumping with joy.  Dexcom, I love your product, but if I could change having to carry around my receiver all the time I would be one happy lady. Not having to worry about carrying my receiver around because it's built into my wearable Fit Bit seems like the way to go. You've been partnering with insulin pump companies, and creating apps, why not add Fit Bit in the mix?

Should you decide to start working together (or if you already have) please let the world know because this product would seriously change lives. Having to carry around one less diabetic item makes this diabetic very happy. So please, make dreams come true by making this happen.

Yours Truly,



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