Prikkedief Diabetes and Fashion

When I was deciding on whether to do a blog about diabetes or not,  one of my fiends mentioned me turning it into a blog about how to wear your pump, you know blending fashion and diabetes. But I decided that I couldn't write a million posts about it and chose to just stick with sharing my story. Over the last few years, I have found other Dbloggers through social media and recently I came across Prikkedief on instagram. And let me be the first or 10K to tell you they are worth the follow.

Let me tell you a little bit about Prikkedief, the company was started by Marijke van der Stap a woman who is passionate about "putting a positive spin on a the unpleasant condition diabetes". She is mixing fashion and diabetes! It's a real thing people, she has made adorable diabetes clothing, pen bags, pump punches, accessories and more. Oh and she as also made an adorable happy pancreas stuffed animal. I mean, come on, she is just the best.

Not only does she sell a ton of fashionably adorably items on her website, she also has a great instagram with lots of promotions and funnies. Basically, all this post is about it how much you need to check out her stuff at and follow her on Instagram @prikkedief. I just love seeing people turn their diabetes into something awesome for diabetics everywhere.


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