Have I mentioned that this has been a very nostalgic year? I turned 28 two weeks ago and for some reason 28 has been the magic number to make me look back on my life, well, that and the Time Hop app. But anyways back to basics. 10 years ago I moved away from home for the first time, started college, and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Yes, Type 2 was my original diagnosis.

It was strange for me to see my doctor look so confused by this diagnosis. He was my physician, I would have hoped that he was sure about the disease he was diagnosing me with. But he wasn't I was actually underweight (I miss those days), young, but still producing someone insulin. He wrote me a prescription for my over the counter medicine, I believe it was Metformin, but that was 10 years ago and somethings are just getting harder to remember.

 I remember my first low blood sugar. My roommate and I were dancing obnoxiously around our apartment when it hit. I could almost hear my body telling me I needed food. I was a really weird feeling and one that I couldn't just ignore. I treated it with a bowl of Life cereal and we went back to dancing. That was the first time I realized that diabetes was going to change the game just a smidgen. 

Then there was experiencing my first high blood sugar. I say it wasn't a real high blood sugar because it was 250mg/dl and now that I have had this disease for 10 years I have seen some crazy numbers, so high that my meter refuses to give me a number it just yells HIGH at me. But at the time I was worried, I left work and called my doctor to make sure I wasn't going to lose my feet.

A month later, I received my actual diagnosis as Type 1. I freaked out. Everything started moving quickly. Type 1 sounded scarier because there was no hope for it to go away. There were rumors about a cure in the next 10 years, but here we are 10 years later and the closest thing to a cure that I have seen is amazing technology.

I had to learn how to administer a shot for the first time. Which in all seriousness, how could they think this would be easy. They had three people hold me down to administer the flu shot. I hate needles and the anxiety they give me turns me into a crazy person. I thought they were just going to show me how to do this and hope that I actually did it, but no, they wouldn't let me leave until I showed them I could do it. I took the needle and slowly started to insert it into my skin. The nurse told me "No, do it like this" and took the needle and my hand and stabbed me. I was in shock. but it helped me get over my fear because it honestly was virtually painless.

I am sure you will see many more posts like this to come as we get closer to the actual 10 year diaversary. But I couldn't help myself I was getting nostalgic.


  1. You literally haven't aged at all. I love all of these pictures!!


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