The hubs and I went to Seattle this year to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I started gathering all my diabetes stuff: extra test strips, extra insulin pump supplies, juice boxes for lows, you name it I packed it. I grabbed my Dexcom from the cabinet ready to charge the receiver, when I noticed it wouldn't turn on. I began pushing buttons to see if it gave me any kind of message, and when it didn't I decided to plug it into the wall and let it charge. Unfortunately, it didn't.

I called Dexcom to trouble shoot the receiver. The Customer Service representative, had be try to reset the receiver by sticking an earring in the hole on the back, and again nothing happened. It turns out my receiver was broken and just went out of warranty. I was upset sure, but there was nothing I could do. I grabbed two more test strips bottles from my diabetes cabinet and figured I just had to test my numbers the Old Fashioned way. 

Normally, I check my blood sugars 4-6 times a day. During the trip I was checking 8-10 times just to make sure that I had everything under control. It was a little extra effort on my part, but worth it. I only had bad numbers on traveling days, I usually sum that up to the stress that comes from my fear of flying. I think my highest number during my trip was 250mg/dl and once it showed up on my meter I was able to bring it back into normal range without a problem. 

Our trip was amazing! I loved everything about Seattle, the weather was perfect especially compared to where we live, the scenery was out of this world, and the food was out of this world. It was definitely the best way to celebrate our 5th year of marriage.

I hate to fly, it's terrifying to me, but as we were getting ready to land this was the view from our window. It got me really excited to be there.

I should have thought through the fact that I am terrified of heights before getting to the top of the Space Needle. But I made it and enjoyed the views while clinging to the sides of the building. 

Here is a little bit of the Chihuly from the outside.

 They had a Star Wars exhibit at the EMP while we were there. You can say we were just a little excited.
 Pikes Place was awesome. People throwing fish around, fresh flowers, what more could you ask for.
We had to take the hubs to the first Starbucks location. He was so happy when we found it.
On the ferry to Bainbridge

 Did I mention how much I loved the food! Top Shop doughnuts was so good! I had a salted caramel old fashioned. It was so worth the extra insulin.
We ended the trip with the Underground tour. I thought it was great, we learned about Seattle's history from a tour guide who knew how to keep your attention.


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