Testing Like Crazy

I saw my endo this week. Lets start calling her Dr. Awesome. I love her, she is encouraging, helpful, and honest. She is everything I love in a doctor. We have been working on my diabetes together now for about 2 years. At this appointment she was so proud of how often I have been checking my blood sugars. I've increased the amount I test over the last month or so to 12 times a day. I want tighter numbers and to see an A1c as close to 5% as I can.

I have been using my Dexcom during trips and other busy events, and then checking my numbers more often to see if I can find any trends that may need some adjusting. I've noticed some trends, but will need to basal test just to make sure. I hate basal testing especially when I feel as busy as I've been. But it's important and I need to do it. Dr. Awesome says my numbers right now look great, but that I should stick to eating things that I am familiar with. Meaning start eating a lot of the same thing over and over again if I am going to get great control on my diabetes. It's not my favorite, but it makes sense and if I am going to achieve this goal, sacrifices will have to be made. 

Because I have increased the amount of blood sugar testing we had to increase my prescription for test strips. All I could see was dollar signs when we did that, but I knew it was important, so I am trying to not make a huge deal of it. I will see Dr. Awesome again for a brief follow up the first week of November. Hopefully I will have had a few successful basal tests and enough data to make all the extra testing worth it. 


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