The hubs and I decided to take a sporadic trip to Disneyland last week. It's so unlike us to do, but we needed it and the universe aligned and off we went. We left Thursday morning at 7AM and figured we would get into the park around lunch and have the entire afternoon and evening in the park. Traffic was great and we were making great time. We stopped at Starbucks before heading over the grapevine to recharge and grab a quick snack.

We started onto the grapevine when we noticed a sign flashing "accident ahead prepare to stop". Panic set in. I started going through all the nooks and crannies I hide emergency low items and realized I didn't have anything. I got quiet and tried to stay calm and plan out the worst case scenario. I checked my CGM my numbers were at 160mg/dl and I calmed down.

We looked ahead and there it was the brick wall of traffic that went on for what looked like miles. I decided to distract my hubs and I while we slowly moved. After an hour had passed I check my CGM and my numbers were at 116mg/dl and I started to get concerned. Not only were my numbers beginning to drop, but my bladder was about to explode. I finally fessed up to my hubs that I wasn't prepared for a low and that I was worried what we were going to do. He suggested his coffee could help and let me finish it. My bladder however, was not thrilled with that decision.

Another hour passed I was started to squirm. I had two options, one: I could pee my pants and just except it or two: I could pee into the Starbucks cup. I eyed the cup and decided that it had a bigger rim than the cups you pee in at the doctors office and I  know I am a pro at those, so naturally this would be the best option. I crawled into the back seat, blocked the window with traffic with my suitcase and used my jacket to barricade the backseat. I dropped my drawers and was successful. I placed the lid on the cup and set it in the cup holder, crawled back into the front seat and told my husband that we would be stopping before arriving to the hotel so that no one would witness my pee cup.

After successfully relieving my bladder I stared to dig around in my purse. I unzipped the side pocket and found the most exciting thing a few Starburst. I yelled to the hubs "I'm saved"! and he just laughed. After being stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours we arrived at our hotel making jokes about our adventures. I will try to remember my emergency supplies for lows. I can't believe I have been living with this disease for 10 years and still have oops moments.


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