The Juice Box Conspiracy

Whenever low blood sugars hit I love to grab an apple juice. I don't know what it is, if it's the fact that it's been my favorite juice since I can remember, or the fact that its purely sugar, I just love it. I am all about sticking to the 15 rule during low blood sugars, unless it's a crazy low that causes me to inhale the refrigerator. I take 15 grams of sugar (drink my juice) wait 15 minutes and check until my numbers begin to rise. It's a piece of cake and I love it.

Then something strange started to happen in the juice box isle. All my juice boxes that were exactly 15grams started to disappear. They were all replaced by juice boxes that had 20-25grams instead. I know I am being a little dramatic. I can buy the bigger ones and just drink a smaller portion of it, no big deal. But it is a big a deal. What do I do with that last little bit of juice. Do I just finish it and do the math for the extra amount of sugar I just drank? Do I put the partially drank juice box in the fridge for the next time? It's a conundrum. Before, I would be dealing with a low, drinking my perfectly measured juice box, throw the used box out and replace it with another one in my car, purse,  or refrigerator. But now it's not that easy.

Where have all the small juice boxes gone to? Will they ever return? Is filling up our children with this extra 10-15grams of sugar a way for the government to know the medical field will always be around? Is it so I will spend more money? I don't know, I just wish that they would bring back the smaller juice boxes for my impending lows to be treated correctly.


  1. I have noticed the same thing!! Replenishing my son's college supplies i had to buy Elmo Juice boxes lol! I also got him squeezable apple sauce and stocked up on Valentine candy in individual bags that have a 12-15 gm carb count( sour patch etc) Walgreens sells Glucose Sticks and those are great too 10 gm and very portable .

  2. Dude. Yes. The Juicy Juice boxes are all the big ones now! It bothers me very much. I don't know why having the larger ones is so troubling; we don't even usually use an entire 15g one.

    FWIW, I found little "Apple and Eve" brand ones at an Aldi recently, and bought a million packs. These have Sesame Street characters on them. Cute.


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