I'm Back...Hopefully

I was so excited to share my adventures of motherhood with you when I first brought home my little man, however, the real world set in and I realized getting on my computer to check my mail, let alone to write a post was a difficult task. I am seven months into motherhood and finally getting the hang of it, well most days that is.

Before I became a mom I thought handling my diabetes was hard, then I got pregnant and realized it gets harder to manage, and then I had my baby and learned that the idea of managing a newborn and my diabetes was a far stretch. Thankfully my endo has been amazing when it comes to working with me. She has given me grace where I need it and has helped me to focus on the good things I am doing with my diabetes management, like checking my numbers all the time, instead of focusing on the fact that I forgot to give myself insulin at every meal a few days before.

My head is all over the place and focusing has never been harder. I have to keep reminding myself to focus on all things diabetes because if I don't take care of myself, I could miss out on my little man and that has been the biggest encourager when trying to manage my diabetes accordingly. I am doing ok, my A1c is back in the 7% zone, which kind of bums me out considering I was in the 5% zone during pregnancy. But again, I am trying and that is all the matters.

I am excited to be back on my blog and sharing stories with you about living with Type 1 and all that comes with it. Trust me there are some stories to share.


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