Trying New Things

At my most recent endo appointment I learned that my A1c was a 10. I couldn't believe it, my highest ever was an 8.1 and that was when I was first diagnosed. Needless to say I have been wearing my Dexcom non-stop to get my numbers back under control and thankfully it's helped a lot. I go back to my endo in September and am curious to see how far it's dropped.

One thing about my Dexcom that drives me crazy is how far it sticks out off my belly. I already have a post baby gut to disguise, and having a device stick off of it doesn't make it much easier to hide. So, I decided to insert my sensor into my leg. I know, this is not unheard of, in fact a few different bloggers I follow religiously wear theirs in different places like their arms and legs. It just seems so painful and even though I have had diabetes for almost 12 years, I still hate sticking myself. But I did it and you know what? It didn't hurt.

You would have thought my sensor would detonate a bomb or something with how conscious I was being with it. I really paid attention to how I laid down on it, pulled my pants off, anything, I was so afraid of ripping the thing out and the thought of doing it made me cringe. But after about a day I realized that it actually was more durable in my leg than it was on my belly. It felt more discreet, more secure, and less of a worry on my leg. It was a great solution  to my problem.

Then I got a little too comfortable with it, so comfortable in fact, that I forgot it was even there. I was goofing around with the hubs and that's when it happened, I ripped the sensor right out of my leg. It was the only negative drawback to wearing it on my leg and in all reality it was my fault not the placement of my sensor. So, if you are looking for a new way to wear your Dexcom give your leg a try. It was totally worth it and completely convenient. Just don't get too rambunctious white wearing it or you might end up having to put a new one in sooner than you would like.


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