Diabetes Blog Week - Favorites and Motivations (Day 6)

If you have been blogging for a while, what is your favorite sentence or blogpost that you have ever written?  Is it diabetes related or just life related?  If you are a new blogger and don't have a favorite yet, tell us what motivated you to start sharing your story by writing a blog?  (Thank you Laddie of Test Guess and Go for suggesting this topic.)

Picking my favorite blog was harder to do than I thought. So I picked my top 3...Please don't judge...

Officer Diabetes: This post if about my encounter with an officer who thought my needles were for illegal drug use, not legal drug use. 

"Apple my Pretty": This post was fun to write and totally hit the nail on the head with what the affects of a low blood sugar can do. 

Diabetic Mood Swings: We've all been there when our numbers are going crazy and the biggest tell is that we are either bawling our eyes out or ripping someones head off. 

I hope you enjoyed these as much I did writing them. 


  1. I read the mood swing blog post earlier this week, it makes SO much sense and you really articulated something that I've experienced but couldnt really articulate so thank you and I can't wait to read more of your blogs:)


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