Thursday, July 2, 2015

Insulin Pump Shopping

I received a call from Medtronic the other day that my pump is no longer under warranty and that I can get a new pump with a 6 year warranty. The funny thing is, this should have felt like exciting news, but all I could think about was, "Do I want a new Medtronic pump"? Those of you who have read this blog know that I am team Medtronic all the way. However, when I broke away from Medtronic for another CGM and from there I learned that there are other companies out there that are just as good. So, now I have the lingering question of do I pump shop or stick to the original?

There are pros and cons to the topic of switching pumps. Here are a few of the ones off the list I have created:

  • Pro, there are a lot of other pumps out there that have different bells and whistles, such as: 
    • Animas, it's waterproof, and works with the Dexcom G4 which I have and love. 
    • Tandem TSlim, which basically just looks sexy.
    • Omnipod, it's tubeless, waterproof, works with Dexcom, and built in glucose meter!
  • Con, I would have to get all new equipment and even though (thankfully) I have great insurance and my out of pocket is at its max, the cost worries me. 
  • Pro, change can be a good thing. 
  • Con, I'm terrified of change.
There also is the fact that I am a loyalist, always have been always will be to an extent. I feel like because Medtronic was there from the very beginning of my diagnosis and because of that I feel like  I owe them something and I hate the idea of abandoning them. But, the other side of my brain keeps telling me that's not a good enough reason to justify your diabetes care. I don't know, I might just be a little crazy, help me with this decision. If you have more pros and cons about any of these pumps, the idea of switching pump companies, please let me know because I am in research mode right now and feedback honestly helps a ton! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Date Night

I love a fancy date night when you get dressed up and put on your lipstick, but I also LOVE a simple date night at Whole Foods. Fresno has finally hit it's hot season, and I didn't want to cook dinner and make it any hotter than it already was. So off we went to Whole Foods. I love it there. The minute you walk in you are instantly consumed with awesomeness, kind of like Disneyland. The food seems richer in color, everything smells amazing, the fresh dough, the baked goods, even the roasting chicken makes my mouth water. I could spend hours in there just enjoying the atmosphere.

But the main reason I love Whole Foods is that it's oddly a cheap date. You can get a slice of pizza for $2.50! I am honestly the cheap date out of the two of us, the hubs like his veggie tofu sandwich that is a little higher in cost, but hey, he loves it. We grabbed our dinner and few extra items for later and headed home to enjoy the rest of our evening. It's the simple things like Whole Foods date nights that make me really happy.