Monday, October 20, 2014

My New Diabetes Diet

I hate dieting, cleansing, and anything else depleting me from the things I'd like to eat. But after looking through my vacation pictures I realized it's time to do something. Of course the first thing I did was look online for answers because the sacred Google seems to know everything, but after researching the newer dieting trends and miracle pills, I decided to heck with dieting because we all know I will binge later and hate myself. So why not just eat better?

The first thing I did was sit down and make a goal. Now the thing about my goal is it had to be doable, because for me, if I fail I will give up altogether which is something I don't want to chance. My goal is to just lose 5lbs at the end of each month. I know, pretty basic right? But for me this was a number I could handle. It has taken me time to put on my weight I can handle taking just as long to get it off. I mean, really, when you think about it summer is 7 months away and if I stick to this goal and am successful thats 35lbs gone by swim suit season! 

Then I made an action plan. The only diety thing I am doing it watching everything I eat. Making sure that I eat more vegetables, and that I watch the sweets. For breakfast I am currently enjoying a spinach and kale smoothie (You can check out my recipe below). For a mid morning snack I'm having a small handful of almonds or if I feel like I need a little something more I am having about 4-5 pretzels with my homemade hummus. For lunches I am on a huge soup kick. I have been eating minestrone, chicken tortilla, and when I want to splurge a little, I have been eating Panera's Fall Autumn Squash. I could literally eat a vat of it I love it so much! In the afternoon I have another small snack it's usually hummus or nuts depending where I am at hunger wise and for Dinner I make a basic meal that coincides with the plate method or that I steal out of my Diabetic Living magazine. 

Then of course I made a goal to work out at the end of each day. Some days I go for a run right now I can manage about 3 miles, but I am hoping to build that up. On days that I am not running, I do a 30 minute workout at home. You will not believe the amount of workouts there are on YouTube, what did we do before the internet? I'm being sarcastic...don't worry. I usually have a day or two where I skip my workout, but on those days I still try to keep active and avoid sitting on my couch. I'm pretty sure that it has some sort of magical powers because as soon as I sit I turn into a sloth. 

So far, I am hitting my goal for this month and I think that my success has come from the fact that I am not denying myself the things I want to eat. If there is something I know I shouldn't eat or that is high in fat or calories I take a small piece of it and walk away. Or if I know that I am going to get a good workout in the evening, I may splurge a little more. But for the most part, my self control has been awesome. Lets hope this works and that I can honestly show and tell you guys my success in May. 

Spinach and Kale Smoothie


Almond milk
1/2 of a banana
a handful of Kale
a handful of spinach
1/4 cup frozen fruit (I prefer the tropical mixes)
1 Tbsp of flax or chia seeds
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

Take all the ingredients and throw them into your blender and mix until your desired textured has been reached. 

The carbs I have been entering on my pump for this has been around 20-25. For me this has been successful, however, you may have to tweak your numbers for the first few to see how your body does with this as a breakfast option.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Disney Vacation

Last week we went to Disneyland. This is an annual trip for us, we usually go closer to the hubs birthday and our anniversary, but decided we wanted to avoid the crowds this year and go a little earlier. My favorite time of year at the park is Halloween Time. When all the Fall decor comes out, it just makes Disney come alive.

We arrived at the Disneyland hotel, got settled into our room and decided to get our tickets. I finally broke down and got an annual pass which, I had been a little reluctant on due to the cost, but was honestly worth every penny. The hubs and I decided to head into the park that night and enjoy a couple of rides before we headed back to the hotel. The freedom an annual pass brings is intoxicating. There isn't an obligation to do as much as you can to get your moneys worth. You can just relax and enjoy the park.

Any time we go on vacation I usually blog about packing with diabetes and blah blah blah...making sure you're prepared for everything blah blah blah...But this time I realized that sometimes the thing we really should talk about is eating while on vacation and managing your diabetes. We are definitely out of our eating routine, and definitely eating things that make our blood sugars go crazy, but hey, we're on vacation, let us eat like kings! 

I try to make the right choices during vacation, but sometimes, there are just those Disney treats you just have to have. For breakfast the hubs and I did great, we went to Starbucks and grabbed a protein pack to get us off to a good start. Then as the day went on the Disneyland treats starting calling our names. This is where having an insulin pump comes in handy. I am all about the dual wave bolus when I eat terrible things. I can give myself a little bit of insulin in the beginning of my meal and program the pump to give me the remaining amount a couple hours later when my body will need it. For example, One of my favorite places to go in Downtown Disney is the Jazz Kitchen the food in general is fantastic, but the beignets are even better. Because they are fried, it takes longer for your blood sugars to rise so using the dual wave bolus helps me balance out that huge peak that comes on a few hours after eating.

The hubs and I did alright with food. We probably ate more of the bad stuff than the good stuff, but hey it's vacation. Of course I am feeling it and seeing it now, but when I was eating it, it was worth every minute.

Our anniversary trip came to an end on Thursday, but our Disneyland girls trip also started on Thursday. That's right I had another three days in the park! Do you see why an annual pass was a good basically paid for itself during the week. All the ladies arrived and I was so excited to see them. We always begin the weekend by going out to dinner and celebrating being together. We chose to eat at Tortilla Joes that night which is a nice little Mexican restaurant that I love, but that also means making sure to bolus smart.

The trip continued with loads of Disney fun and of course Disney food. I stuck to my protein packs in the morning, and threw a Nutrigrain bar in my purse for a mid morning snack. Splurged on some places and skimped on others. But was able to manage my blood sugars well. It was definitely a world-win week, but totally and completely worth it.


After the girls trip came to an end (tear). My sister-in-law wanted to have lunch at the Anaheim Packing House. I was so tired at that point I didn't care what I put in my mouth, but then I walked through the doors and was a new world. There were so many options it was hard to choose which vendor to eat from, they had Indian food, Chinese food, a Grilled Cheese kiosk and so much more I thought I would flood the place with the drool coming out of my mouth. I finally decided to just go fatty and enjoyed some fried calamari and chips. Once again, my sensor and dual bolus came to the rescue.


Managing your diabetes while on vacation can be hard. And honestly don't get yourself down if your numbers aren't perfect, you're on vacation after all! Diabetes is tough and yes it is a part of everyday, but if you take a few moments to think through what you are going to eat it helps make the trip a lot easier.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Explaining Diabetes to a Baby

Last week we through of my best friends a surprise party for her birthday. The thing I loved the most about it was it felt a lot like a 90's sitcom where all of her friends pretended that we forgot her birthday or were too busy to celebrate her only to surprise her at the end of the episode with an epic party! We love her and were so happy to pull everything off. 

We all arrived early to get to the house before Cam did and to help set everything up. Our other bestie   had her little ones hanging around with us as we all got ready. One of her youngest, who just turned two, walked up to me while we were setting up and began to lift my shirt up. Shelby let me know that he wanted to see my belly button. I laughed a little and lifted my shirt to show him my belly button. Of course there is something on my stomach that most two year old have yet to experience, my pump site and tubing. 

Wes looked at my belly button, and then to my tubing, and then to me. You could see all the thoughts and questions running through his mind. I smiled at Wes and started to think of ways to explain your pump site to a two year old. This was very difficult. In most cases of explaining why I look like a robot to children, I just say something along the lines of thats my medicine. But would a two year old get that? Instead of trying to explain it to him, I chose to ask him where his belly button was. With a very proud smile he lifted his shirt to show me.

These are small things I feel you have to think of when you live with diabetes. How do you explain what your devices are to children who may not be able to understand the complex world of diabetes? I like my normal it gives me medicine line, but really that doesn't work for all children. Sometimes I get the "why?" response and other times they accept it and walk away. But really how do you explain to children what your devices are?