Sunday, August 23, 2015

T-Slim Review

I have officially been a T-Slim user for a little over a week. I really like it and am happy I switched. I am not a huge fan of change, so when there are hiccups with my new pump I try to think about how I am reacting, am I upset because it's something new I need to learn? Or is it something annoying about the actual pump? In most cases, it's just me overreacting.

For example, I had to set up a new site for the first time by myself, and it took longer than it should have. I got worked up, because I couldn't remember exactly how to do everything unlike with my old pump where I could do it with my eyes closed. I calmed down took a few deep breaths and called customer service, I didn't get placed on hold and instead was instantly placed with a real person. She was very helpful and patient with me. When we realized I had forgotten a step entirely and I mentioned feeling dumb, she told me not to worry about it, it's a different pump than I am used to and it will get easier with time. I was floored by her politeness, she helped me when I was a rambling mess and never broke over how frustrating I must have been.

The T-Slim has a ton of features that my old pump had. The first two that come to mind are the easy bolus and the basal patterns. I love that I am still able to use the easy bolus function. I try not to make that a habit, but I love having that as an option during busy times. I can reach in my pocket, press the button, listen for the beeps and then I am all set to go. I still am able to have a basal patterns for busy days, sick days, vacations and more. There are some definite upgrades to the T-Slims basal patterns such as, I can name each specific basal setting and can even change my insulin sensitivity for some of those patterns if needed.

There are a lot of new features as well. For starters I love that I no longer need batteries. Yes, it makes my blog name a little obsolete, but not having to store AAA batteries makes me happy. I can plug in my pump to charge on my computer at work, in the car, my purse charger, or the old fashioned, with a wall charger. I have been testing how quickly my pump drains each day and so far have been able to go 3-4 days without plugging in my pump. The only thing I keep thinking of is what happens if the power goes out or the apocalypse happens, how will I charge my pump?

I am also loving the the carb calculator. I love that I can look at what I am eating and break down the plate in my pump and it adds the carbs up for me. I hate math and trying to add up all the carbs I am about to eat you know, 15grams for this, 25 grams for that then entering 40 grams into my pump. With the T-Slim I can just enter 15 + 25 grams and it takes care of the rest. I hope that makes sense, anyways I am kind of loving it.

The last thing I love about this pump is the insulin on board feature. With my old pump, I always struggled to find where that information was and how to read it. With the T-Slim it's on the front of the screen. I had a low the other day and was able to see how much insulin I had on board and how long it would be in my system to adjust my low accordingly. It was really helpful.

I haven't done a pocket bolus yet, or had issues with it falling out of my pocket (which happened a lot with my old pump). I did drop my pump and the screen didn't break. A lot of the fears I had with this pump have been tested and the T-Slim has passed with flying colors (knock on wood). Yes, it's difficult getting used to a new pump, I find myself going for buttons that don't exist because that's where they were on my old pump. Setting a new site is the biggest annoyance so far. It takes time, a lot of time, but I have a feeling that I will be able to shorten it down when I am more comfortable doing it. All in all I am happy with it and happy with the company. I have to turn in my old pump this week, and am very sad about it, but this is a new chapter and I look forward to it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Arctic Zero: Fit Frozen Desserts

Arctic Zero reached out to me about giving their ice cream a try. I had never heard of it, but after spending some time on their website I was sold. This Ice Cream is basically free of everything (low glycemic, fat free, gluten-free, lactose free, nut free, GMO free, Kosher, and vegetarian) which I am all about. I mentioned it to one of my girlfriends and she knew the ice cream instantly. Her sister is a body builder and this frozen treat is really big for other competitors. Needless to say I responded to give it a try.

Just a few days later a little box came in the mail with some samples, an adorable ice cream scoop, and a very thoughtful personalized note. Talk about customer service! As I started to unpack everything I noticed a note asking when I was planning on eating the ice cream and suggestions on when and how to serve it. I am so glad I listened because after the ice cream sat out for 40 minutes it was so soft and creamy, I thought there was no way it could have had been lactose free.


They sent 6 different flavors of ice cream: Toasted Coconut, Salted Caramel, Buttery Pecan, Orange Dream (My favorite), Vanilla Maple, and Cool Mint Chip. Each one tasted better than I would have imagined it to. A lot of the time you will get a flavor and because of the added sweeteners it doesn't quite taste like the label says it will. But Arctic Zero tastes just like the name on the label. I am not a huge fan of coconut, but usually love coconut flavored ice cream, but the Toasted Coconut tasted so much like an actual coconut I could only enjoy a taste. The Orange Dream really did taste like I was taking a bite out of an orange creamsicle. The taste was out of this world.

They also have chocolate dipped bars which I can't wait to try. They come in dark chocolate and vanilla and I plan on trying both. One of the biggest questions people asked me when I brought the ice cream to my office was how expensive is it and where can you get it? The cost really isn't all that bad at just $4-$5 a pint it's about the same as a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a lot better for you. You can find their products just about everywhere, Safeway, Sprouts (which I love), and Whole Foods.

I bet you are wondering why they would reach out to me to try their ice cream. Well Arctic Zero was inspired by their founder Greg Holtman, who remembers caring for his Type 1 mom. He remembers having sweets as a child that were loaded with artificial sweeteners and wanted to look for something that could satisfy his sweet tooth and his health. After years of perfecting his ingredients Arctic Zero was born. Having Type 1 diabetes I understand his wanting to choose health over artificial sweeteners. I often will go ahead and stick to the real thing and adjust my bolus accordingly because I am so frightened about what artificial sweeteners will one day to me.

If you're interested in learning more about Arctic Zero check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They post great pictures and recipes and serving ideas that will have you drooling.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Prikkedief Diabetes and Fashion

When I was deciding on whether to do a blog about diabetes or not,  one of my fiends mentioned me turning it into a blog about how to wear your pump, you know blending fashion and diabetes. But I decided that I couldn't write a million posts about it and chose to just stick with sharing my story. Over the last few years, I have found other Dbloggers through social media and recently I came across Prikkedief on instagram. And let me be the first or 10K to tell you they are worth the follow.

Let me tell you a little bit about Prikkedief, the company was started by Marijke van der Stap a woman who is passionate about "putting a positive spin on a the unpleasant condition diabetes". She is mixing fashion and diabetes! It's a real thing people, she has made adorable diabetes clothing, pen bags, pump punches, accessories and more. Oh and she as also made an adorable happy pancreas stuffed animal. I mean, come on, she is just the best.

Not only does she sell a ton of fashionably adorably items on her website, she also has a great instagram with lots of promotions and funnies. Basically, all this post is about it how much you need to check out her stuff at and follow her on Instagram @prikkedief. I just love seeing people turn their diabetes into something awesome for diabetics everywhere.