Monday, February 16, 2015

Real Life Diabetes Podcast

I came across a new diabetes podcast thanks to Scott from Scott's Diabetes. He wrote a nice review on a new podcast Real Life Diabetes from the Diabetes Daily Grind. After reading his blurb about them, I had to listen for myself.

Real Life Diabetes is a podcast about life with diabetes. Ryan, Amber, and John come together to share their stories, opinions, and give their support to the diabetes world. Ryan and Amber are in the first episode together and are nothing more than hilarious and worth listening to. Ryan shares a quick story about taking a risk with only carrying a small amount of insulin while on a trip, while Amber does what any good diabetic does to another, calls him out (in a loving, teasing way) about being a poor planner. The best part of the story, is seeing two diabetics really listen to one another and understand whatever situation the other one was in. There was just something about hearing their stories and hearing the support for one another that made you want more.

All I am going to say is you need to subscribe to this podcast. Right now there are only two episodes, each one is a little long in length, but totally worth it. It is relatable and engaging and I wanted more after each episode. Ryan, Amber, and John, you guys are awesome keep it up, because the diabetes world needs more people like you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Heart Issue

When I was first diagnosed, my biggest fear was the chance of losing my feet. After 10 years of living with diabetes my biggest fear is now having heart complications down the road. My most recent lab work was a huge eye opener. Everything was normal for the most part, but my LDL (bad cholesterol) was a little higher than where it should be. The normal range is usually less than 150, and mine is sitting at 151. This seems so small and easy to dismiss, however, because I am a woman living with Type 1 diabetes it was a cause of concern for my endocrinologist.

I am very proactive when it comes to my health. The first thought in my mind was how can we fix this? What do I need to do to make sure this so it's no longer a problem now or in the future? Thankfully she assured me, that I wasn't in the danger zone just yet, but that because I have diabetes she wanted to watch it. She helped me to understand that LDL is often caused by animal fat and that adding more fiber and increasing my omega 3's would definitely help my levels begin to lower.

Since my appointment I have increased my veggie intake, cut down on the fast food and started running again. I feel like I could do definitely cut back a little more when it comes to eating out, but because sometimes that' s what life has for us, I have learned to just make wiser choices when eating out, like sticking to the kids menu and choosing chicken over beef depending on where the chicken is from of course.

When at home I have tried to add more heart healthy foods to my diet, like salmon. I was never a huge fan of salmon mostly because I hate the way it makes my house smell, but at this point anything to prevent an early heart attack. I have even gotten pretty creative on vegetable melodies, as well as, new ways to prepare certain vegetables.

I have been doing a boot camp with one of my friends for the last couple of months and when I mentioned wanting to increase my running, she volunteered to run with me on the days that we don't have boot camp. The hubs and I have also started going on walks after dinner in the evenings to help prevent us from coming home and being couch potatoes for the rest of the evening. Which I thoroughly enjoy because it's not only helping my health, but his health as well.

I just keep thinking about how unfair it would be to not be proactive with my heart health. It would be unfair to my husband, my family, and my friends if they lost me at a young age because of something I could have taken care of on my own. Heart health is definitely on my mind and I want to do everything in my power to stay healthy.

Friday, January 30, 2015

When You Learn You have Something In Common With Squirrels

I was packing for a weekend getaway, and when I got to the diabetes section of my packing I realized something... I have tons of either half used or three quarters used insulin bottles tucked in so many random places. I literally am like a squirrel storing nuts for winter.

I found a bottle tucked in my make up bag, my diabetes supply bag (I guess that one belongs there), in my night stand, a bathroom drawer, my travel purse (yes, I have a travel purse), and in my spare glucameter case. Apparently, I have been preparing myself for the apocalypse. I grabbed all 6 bottles and ran to living room to show my hubs who of course laughed at me because who else runs around their house excited by all the left over insulin they have found. I mean sometimes you have to do weird things to keep your marriage interesting. Lucky for me, I am a huge weirdo who makes life a little more exciting at home.

I am sure that most of those bottles are no longer as effective as they once were, but the frugal side of me kind of wanted to keep them, you know for a rainy day. To me having less effective insulin over no insulin is always a win. Either way, the thought of throwing them out just felt wrong to me. So, now all 6 bottles are still tucked away in their hiding places for me to use on a rainy day. Think of it this way, I forgot about them once and I am sure I will forget about them again. And when I find them   again, while packing for a trip I am sure I will have the same reaction.