Goodbye 2014

Today is the last day of 2014 and I hope I am not alone in saying SO LONG! Yes, there were tons of good parts, as well as, tons of hard parts. But, I am now definitely ready to say hello to 2015.

2014 brought me one of my newest and most favorite people, Daphne June, my first niece and she is absolutely wonderful. 

I was able to participate in diabetes blog week this year. Which was so cool, and pushed me as a blogger, as well as, helped me make some way into the Diabetes Online Community. 

Crystal Bowersox (Diabetic American Idol runner up) did an interview and sang at my hubs station here in Fresno. And he was able to get an autograph and learn while talking with her that she actually reads my blog!

I'm pretty sure I went to Disneyland more than I could count this year.

I love my new doctor. I was a little nervous when my old one left, but my new doctor is so great and really willing to work with me. 

I finally got a Dexcom this year! I love this thing. It has seriously come in handy, especially, while my husband and I travel. 

I finally started to lose weight. I changed up how I am eating and mainly increase my veggie intake. It has been the best. I feel great and am finally starting to notice a difference. 

I was able to participate in #smashdiabetes. Which was so much fun to do and to get others involved with. 

Oh and last, but not least. I had a perfect week which just made me the happiest. I know it seems like I should celebrate something more, but hey this is exciting!

I am so ready for 2015. I hope that it will bring new adventures, excitement, and laughter. I can hardly wait, let the countdown begin 3...2...1 Happy New Year!


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